A Matter of Principle SYNOPSIS CHAPTERS:


In A Matter of Principle James Starke takes the reader behind the scenes for a realistic look at what the law school experience can be like for an idealistic young person who wants to become a lawyer for all the right reasons, only to discover they aren’t.

                                        . . . IS ANOTHER’S WINDMILL

In an increasingly divided country, rather than rise above the fray and interpret the law as they find it, A Matter of Principle shows how our judges and justices are jousting just like everyone else, locked in mortal combat against what they perceive to be an unprincipled enemy – an enemy whose ideas are unworthy of thoughtful consideration, espoused by combatants driven by less than chivalrous ideals.

Based on actual events and reporting on what was transpiring at the secretive United States Supreme Court in the 1970s, this novel also pulls back the curtain to reveal the machinations of men with slanted ideology combined with personal ambition  at an institution that is supposed to be at the head of an apolitical branch of government.